Practice profile

Papa Architects are an RIBA Chartered Practice, also registered with the Cyprus engineers' Board (ETEK). The aim is to deliver high quality built work through rigorous design and excellent client management services. The practice has offices both in Nicosia and London and works mostly for commercial and residential clients in Cyprus and throughout the UK. Projects overseas can be dealt by either of the two offices.

The team

The team has a wide range of experience and expertise to allow them to serve a wide variety of project types for their clients. The directors’ strength lies in the duration and durability of their professional and personal relationships.


Papa match their architecture to the financial and strategic objectives of the client to achieve the best return on their architectural investment, whether a private residence or commercial development. For example, the design solution will maximise floor area and usable space whilst providing all the amenities required by the client, creating a beautiful spa and swimming pool in the basement of a listed building, or achieving 100 units in an urban hotel where there were previously 25 units.

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