Papa specialise in a wide range of projects within the residential and commercial sectors. 


Residential work includes new build, complete restoration or interior design services. New build projects have ranged from constrained urban sites with complex planning and historical issues, through to greenfield sites or city plots.

Restorations pay particular attention to the historic fabric of the building. In all cases interior design services incorporate modern technology, durable finishes and construction details for an exquisite finish. In many instances residential projects have bespoke furniture design to meet client requirements.

Papa provide exceptional client guidance throughout the architectural process to ensure that clients are able to achieve their desired home or rental property value.


Commercial projects include offices, hotels, hostels, retail, restaurants and cultural buildings, often combining two or three of these elements on one site.

Office developments deliver the maximum floor area for the client combined with the corporate image for the budget. Hotels tune the amount of units and fit out to the target market. Hostels achieve the best use of space for complex client requirements on restricted budgets. Retail units are designed to maximise sales whilst reinforcing the retail brand. Restaurant designs aim to support the authentic taste of each dining experience. Cultural buildings such as churches and art galleries demand highly detailed solutions to complex briefs.

Papa delight in helping their clients achieve their objectives through the designs they provide.

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