Costas Argyrou Museum, Mazotos


Client Ministry of Education
Area 1,180 msq
Construction Value € 600,000
Status Completed 2018


Papa won a joint venture competition for the renovation of an existing museum which houses all the works of Costas Argyrou, a local self-taught artist in Mazotos village. The existing building was originally built by the artist who passed away in 2001 at the age of 84. The building spreads out all on one level but seemed to lack in a few aspects, like the circulation strategy, the lighting of the exhibits, thermal insulation etc. Our proposal includes solutions for all the aspects observed, as well as additional suggestions like the theatrical setting of the artist’s workplace and on-site implementation of teaching workshops. The main objective will be to accentuate the exhibits and generally to attract a much bigger number of visitors every year.


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